Trolls Do Not Spare Bunny


Allu Arjun has been unable to escape trolls for anything and everything he does. Either Pawan Kalyan fans or some other people, take offence to his comments and end up trolling him hard.

The actor’s next film, Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India, dialogue impact teaser is released on his birthday, on Sunday.

As a short tempered army officer, he reacts violently at a pub and drags a person beating him to pulp for his comment about him being a South Indian.

Allu Arjun says that there are no North, South, East and West India rather there is only one India.

This dialogue created huge impact but in his twitter bio, he described himself as a South Indian actor and even the banners for his birthday read that “South Indian Stylish Star”.

So, people started trolling him on social media and fans also asked Allu Arjun to change his bio while they are trying to defend him that reality is different from reel character.