What Troubling Jai Lava Kusa?


Jai-Lava-Kusa-Story-LeakedJr NTR’s much hyped latest movie “Jai Lava Kusa” is having him play three different roles. In some scenes that are currently being shot, all the three characters including Jai, Lava and Kusa will be present and there will be an exchange of dialogues between them along with some action.

While Jai’s makeup should be enhanced through VFX, for other characters also there are certain things to be added in post-production despite using some prosthetic make-ups. Updates coming from the Visual Effects studios involved in delivering the graphics job for the film are claiming that many shots are said to be taking more time than actually needed. While there are more than two months for the film’s release deadline, VFX studios are wondering if they could deliver the needful on time.

“As there are three characters involved in the movie, in some scenes, there is certain continuity issue. So we have to add the missing elements through computer generated imagery. For other scenes, we need to composite the three different shots featuring each character and just unite them by blocking the layers. Though the work involves routine stuff like rotoscope, wire removal, 3D elements, dust and fire, bullet shots, firings and compositing, lack of technical information or any slight lapse in it, will make the whole of VFX gets messy” a source in the know added.

As some expert VFX technicians are working on the project, however, they are said to have designed a beautiful pipeline where there will be no trouble to handle all the three characters. Directed by KS Ravindra, JLK features Jr NTR, Rashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas in the leads.