Truth about Pawan Kalyan Affair News


foreign-lady-with-Pawan-KalIn today’s time, Pawan Kalyan is enjoying the maximum fan following and respect from the cine lovers. The main reason for that is the down to earth nature of Pawan and the common man feeling he generates among everyone. So, it came as a surprise and something hurtful when gossips began to make rounds about Pawan having an affair.

The last few days some talks were happening on Pawan Kalyan getting involved with a British girl who has come from London and staying with him. Even two pictures were also released on the internet and this has created a lot of shock wave among many. But here is the true story which is now emerging.

It is heard that all this is the act of some anti-Pawan group who morphed some picture and put Pawan’s face in it. This was being done to create some negative publicity on Pawan. Even during the time of ‘Teen Maar’ Pawan was linked to the foreign actress Danah. This type of controversy has become part of every celebrity’s life these days.