TV Actors, Singers Names In The Second List?


Drug-Second-ListGoing by the reports of progress in the probe related to the drug scandal that has rocked Tollywood, the Small Screen (Television) industry may become the next victim of Enforcement sleuths.

SIT officials have reportedly found concrete leads from the arrested drug suppliers Jeeshan, Calvin, Williams and others about the involvement of several noted Telugu TV actors in the drugs case. Sleuths have not made any official announcement in this regard but they are said to be silently assembling all the leads and evidences. The names of TV actors can be expected in the second list of suspects that is expected to be announced after the completion of interrogation of the 12 Tollywood personalities in the first round.

Not just TV actors, Singers have also been found to have abused drugs. The people who have been probed so far, have reportedly leaked the names of some bigwigs, and the second list will reportedly comprise personalities from Tollywood, Television industry and singers. This list may be much larger than the first one.

Seeing the progress of SIT in drugs case, folks from film and TV industry are reportedly quite tensed about whose name may come out in the coming days.