TV actress makes sensational comments on her husband’s suicide!


Nandini-on-Her-Husband-KarthikeyanTamil Television actress, Nandini who is also known to Telugu households with several dubbed serials has been alleged about forcing her husband Karthikeyan to commit suicide. The actress for several days stayed aloof from the media and spent time in solitude. After several media probes, the actress came out with some sensational allegations and comments about her departed husband.

She said she was tortured by her husband Karthikeyan for money and the man used to threaten her to give money for his daily expenditure or otherwise he will commit suicide. She also said he took money from many people showing her as his collateral and all those people used to call her daily for money. She called him a cheater and alleged that the man used to take money from youngsters claiming that he will get them placements in government offices.

She commented that such a horrible person he was that he never treated her as a woman but looked at her as a money making machine only. She revealed that once she understood that he married her only for her money, she left him and started living on her own at her parental home long back. Nandini also said that Karthikeyan maintained an extra marital affair with another women and that lady committed suicide knowing about him. She claimed that he was on the run from the police with respect to that case and with his suicide now, she said she lost all her respect in the society.