TV5 gets stunning GRP on Baahubali Audio day


Baahubali(1)A GRP of 47.85, the viewership for TV5 channel, which is never seen before for any Telugu channel in history. That’s what happened with “Baahubali” audio function was being aired on the Telugu news channel some time back. This happens to be a record of sorts.

Compared with competition channels like TV9, 10TV, NTV and Studio-N, Tv5 topped the charts for three hours when Baahubali audio is going live. Perhaps that’s the craze this film is having among fans and family audiences. While TV9 has a viewership rating of 6.35 GRP, next highest is 10TV’s 2.54 GRP.

“Thank you everyone for the amazing support.TV5 got a 47.5 GRP during the #Baahubali Audio Release.That is INCREDIBLE!”, said Baahubali Team, commenting about the happening.