Twitter Don’s Curiosity On Real Don


RGV-Chota-RajanIf people like Dawood and Chota Rajan are mafia dons in real life, then maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is a don on twitter for his comments, accusations, satires and clarifications. There is none who could compete him on social networking, when it comes to creating controversies and mocking down detractors.

And this twitter don has spoken about real life don Chota Rajan, as the mafia kingpin got arrested by police in Indonesia couple of days back. As the news of Rajan’s arrest got confirmed by Home Ministry, RGV has thrown his trademark lines yet again. “I’m most curious about which politicians, police officers n top businessmen’s names Chota Rajan will reveal who helped him maintain his gang”, said RGV, through his micro-blogging site.

More than the real don’s arrest, movie lovers are looking forward for twitter don’s next film. They are expecting RGV to come up with a film based on Chota Rajan and his arrest now.