Two Heroines But No Songs!


Tollywood heroines are glamour dolls. They just appear in romantic scenes and three or four songs in a movie and have a less role in most of the commercial films. But the upcoming movie of mega hero is going to feature two heroines and have no songs. Sounds interesting right? The film is Varun Tej’s upcoming space flick.

Director Sankalp Reddy whose debut movie Ghazi became a super hit is helming this project. Just like his first film, this movie is also going to be a different one. As Varun really liked the project, he immediately said OK and the shooting is yet to get started. Fidaa star is going to appear as an astronaut in this space film. To learn how it would be in zero gravity, Varun is all set to take a one-month training and Sankalp has decided to rope in two heroines for this venture. As there are two heroines the fans might expect so many songs and a lot of romance. But, to their shock, the movie does not have any songs.

Sankalp is not even planning to show some dream songs with heroines as well. He is claiming that the story flow will get disturbed by embedding the songs. As the mega hero has really liked the script, he is just ignoring the commercial elements like songs and concentrating on the story. However, it is going to be his first film without songs.