Two hotties pulling bigger than Nayan


Pandaga-Chesko-hottiesBy evening on May 29th, the scene has changed quite stunningly. Two big films, Ram’s Pandaga Chesko and Surya’s Rakshasudu have released today. We know that both these heroes are handsome, but the best part is that they have awesome heroines in these films.

Early in the day, the big bet is on Nayantara who played Surya’s lady love in Masss. Many thought that she will shower her gorgeousness and pull crowds heavily. But more than Nayan’s hotness, hotties Rakul Preet Singh and Sonal Chauhan have started pulling bigger. Especially Sonal’s bikini looks and Rakul’s glamour spread like fire.

“Rakshasudu” got better ratings than Pandaga Chesko, but glamour lovers started inclining towards Ram’s movie to catch a glimpse of hotness. By evening, Pandaga Chesko is seeing more occupancy than Rakshasudu. Power of glamour this is.