Two New Competitors For Charan On 22nd


Kanche-and-Sher-posterTrade circles are happy that Ram Charan got no opposition for Dasara festival as much hype “Akhil” moved away from the scene, there giving full way to “Bruce Lee”. But here are two unexpected competitors joining the race.

Both Varun Tej and Kalyan Ram have advanced their release dates, locking 22nd for their films. Varun Tej’s “Kanche” that was due for October 2nd earlier, is finally arriving on 22nd. At the same time, “Sher” is supposed to hit on October 30th but now got pushed to 22nd. As “Akhil” opted out of the who, both “Kanche” and “Sher” moved pawns at right time, albeit there is pressure hitting from “Bruce Lee” and “Rudhramadevi”.

Anyway, Dasara festival is not missing out new releases even though “Akhil” is out of scene.