Two Telugu Heroes Political Attempts


Coming up with the same storylines, sometimes few heroes pick up similar projects around the same time. And with people liking such social dramas very rarely, we cannot say which film will click. Here is an interesting snippet on two of such upcoming films.

We’ve Vijay Deverakonda’s NOTA first look released other. Showcasing that indelible ink marked on his middle finger, the hero explains through the poster and title that this is about a citizen rejecting all the candidates standing in the election. At the same time, we’ve already Manchu Vishnu coming up with “Voter” movie where on the first look poster he too posed similarly.

Generally, indelible ink is marked on the index finger of right hand (sometimes left hand) and Vishnu went truly by the procedure. But when it comes to Vijay, the actor wants to create hype on Arjun Reddy basis and hence he showed that middle finger, which is little abusive and far from the truth. Surprisingly both these films are Telugu-Tamil bilinguals and both deal with electoral politics only. We have to see which among the two will really impress audiences with their points.

While Voter is being directed by Karthik Reddy, NOTA has newcomer Anand Shankar at the helm.