Uday Kiran’s last film on his birth anniversary


Chitram-Cheppina-KathaLast year in January, one of the most loved young stars in Telugu Cinema, Uday Kiran, ended his life after a relentless fight against depression. At the time of his death, Uday was working on his last film, Chitram Cheppina Katha. The film is now getting released on 26th June, Uday’s 2nd birth anniversary.

Directed by ALRK Mohan, Chitram Cheppina Katha was produced by Munna Chand, Uday Kiran’s manager. The film has music composed by Munna Kasi and Madalasa Sharma and Dimple are the heroines. The film is expected to find huge patronage from Uday’s loyal fans and sympathizers, who have been waiting to see him one last time on the big screen.