Udaya Bhanu doesn’t fear death threats


Udaya-BhanuUdaya Bhanu who has lot of fan following due to her attractive appearance and beauty, showed that  she is also bold. It is known that Udaya Bhanu is anchoring a powerful social awareness reality program Niggadeesi Adugu.

Udaya Bhanu who posted many powerful and tricky questions to political leaders started getting death threats. Revealing it she says “The show left a few politicians red-faced. They harassed and tried to attack me. Since I’ve been travelling to rural areas, all through my journey, I was nervous and always had the fear of death. I don’t understand why politicians’ cronies are threatening me. Is it because I’m questioning them? Or trying to bring out the truth?”

She said she will not fear these politicians. She said “As long as I’m strong and question the politicians on their responsibilities whilst urging people to think for themselves, I don’t care.”