Udaya Bhanu To Join Politics?


Udaya-Bhanu-To-Join-PoliticAnchor-actress and multifaceted Udaya Bhanu needs no introduction. Latest buzz in political circles is that she is the hot bet. Most of political parties are reportedly keen to rope in Udaya Bhanu into their folds. If she gives her consent, they’re ready to field Bhanu in coming elections, confided our sources.

BHanu’s “revolutionary” song (written by Bhanu herself) on politicians took social media by storm. Since then, she garnered accolades. Udaya Bhanu, who hails from Karimnagar, is a staunch supporter of Telangana statehood and seen as symbol of fire. Not many knew her philanthropic activities. She is regular visitor to Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust for the past decade and funding for the education, well-being of misfortuned girl child.

Given that she has political background (Udaya Bhanu’s father worked as Sarpanch of Koheda mandal for thrice and has good reputation there), a regional political party and a national political party in Telangana region have already wooed Bhanu but we hear she gently turned down the offer. Latest rumour doing rounds in Film Nagar is that Bhanu may join Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if Bhanu joins Jana Sena, this would be a big boost for the patry in Telangana State. Already, the likes of Gaddar are inclined towards Jana Sena Party. Stay tuned for more developments.