Ultra Stylish and Slim Pawan Kalyan is Back!


Pawan Kalyan fans and many Telugu Cinema fans are looking forward for his 25th film in the direction of Trivikram Srinivas and the actor looked a bit out of shape in his earlier working photos from the shoot of the movie.

While, many fans were thrilled to see their idol, they were also disappointed that he was not taking care about his looks as his previous two films too did not bring out the real Pawanism Fashion to the fore front. Normally, Pawan Kalyan is known for his slim looks and stylish attire but this movie did not have him in such look till the latest.

Many felt even Trivikram could not change Pawan’s attitude but finally Pawan seems to have listened to his fans. He looks Ultra Stylish in the working pic released today and the man looks like lost some weight too. Well, we can say Fashionista Pawan is back!Ultra-Stylish-and-Slim-Pawan-is-Back