Unable To Answer, Kathi Walks Out Of Live Show!


kathi-mahesh-unable-to-answHYDERABAD: After his press conference at Somajiguda Press Club, Mahesh Kathi has been on a TV Studio visiting spree. He, however, left a live show abruptly after being unable to answer a question related his Family Member.

Anchor: You keep saying you won’t make personal allegations. But Today, You have made personal allegations against Poonam Kaur.

Kathi: I’m not accusing anybody…I am just asking certain questions. We need to realize when did the personal attack start from. From Day 1, They launched personal attack on Me and I have never attacked anyone in person. After waiting for four months, Pawan Kalyan has made his friend Poonam Kaur attack Me. Shouldn’t I take it that seriously? I just asked few questions. She has to tell whether it’s true or not. If she says I made false allegations, Then I will show the evidence I have with Me. If she agrees with what I said, Then the issue will end here itself.

Anchor: Why did you target Poonam Kaur though she hasn’t mentioned your name even once in her Tweets?

Kathi: Until she Tweeted, There wasn’t even one instance where her name was mentioned. Poonam herself launched personal attack against Me. Obviously, It’s Me whom she called a Fatso. Who is trying to fool whom?

Director Vivek: If I attack you physically, How would you react?

Kathi: I would approach Police.

Director Vivek: Why don’t you Tweet? You should ask People why you are beaten up?

Kathi: It’s a violation as you are physically attacking Me.

Director Vivek: That’s what you have been doing right now. Can you speak about your Mother for 2 Minutes.

Kathi: Why should I? I refuse to bring my family.

Director Vivek: If you have right to bring anybody into the news, I have every right ask you about your Mother. If you don’t say anything, I might assume there is something fishy about it.

Surprisingly, Kathi Mahesh remained silent for a minute, stood up and left the live show within just few minutes after it began.

Until now, There are people who supported Kathi Mahesh in the issue with Pawan Fans. He, however, ended up making a blunder by dragging a Woman into the issue . Now, More number of people including media began questioning his hidden agenda or his greediness for personal image. Even Movie Artiste Association is likely to take the matter seriously and resort to disciplinary action if Poonam lodges a formal complaint.