Unshcool Is To Create More RGVs


Ram Gopal Varma used to be a care of address of versatile kind of movies. But now, he has become a brand ambassador of controversies. He has dented his image big time with back to back flops. His recent release ‘Officer’ with Nagarjuna also faced the same fate. The audience who have been eagerly waiting for the movie also got disappointed.

Officer turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in the industry. The buyers failed to get atleast the poster costs. So, RGV is now trying to change the audience attention. Recently, he announced a movie as a producer. Kannada hero Dhanunjay is doing a violent love story titled as Bhairava Geeta. He also kept a post on social media about his Unshchool and revealed the courses in it.

During the announcement of Unshcool, he stated that he is often referred as celluloid terrorist and he is going to make people like him and release them in the industry. The audience have already stopped RGV movies a long time ago. So, the netizens are doubting who is going to watch their films.