This Is How Upasana Starts Her Day


UpasanaRam Charan’s loving wife Upasana Kamineni is not only known as the mega daughter-in-law but also the Vice Chairman of Appollo Foundations. She also proved her talent as an entrepreneur. Upasana always stays active on social media and has a massive fan following.

She regularly posts some videos about good diet, health tips and many more. She recently did videos every day for a week and named it as a cleansing week in which she has posted her diet chart which is useful for a healthy weight loss. Now, this doting actor wife came up with a new post revealing about how she starts her day. On her Twitter handle, she posted a picture of newspaper on a table and a cup of tea on it. “Tea, sudoku & astrology. btw the DeccanChronicle #zodiac is the best. Works for me.” Read the caption.

She circled the zodiac Aries which is hinting that it is her zodiac sign. And is clearly stating that Upasana starts her day by reading the astrology column in a leading English daily while drinking tea and filling the Sudoku.Upasana.jpg1