Is Upasana Turning Like Namratha?


Namratha works almost like an assistant for Mahesh. From his shooting schedules to food, she takes care of everything. It seems like Upasana is also turning like Namratha. But instead of taking the decisions she is just giving suggestions.

Upasana never fails to keep the fans updated about the upcoming movie of her husband Ram Charan. She was the one who revealed that the shooting of Chitti Babu’s character for Rangasthalam is finally wrapped up. She even stated that Cherry will soon start the shooting of Boyapati’s film. It seems like she is even giving suggestions for the movie unit as well. During the shooting of Rangastalam for the scorching heat of summer, the leading lady Samantha fell unconscious. So, Upasana suggested the movie team to stop making outdoor schedules and do the inner side scenes. Now, she suggested the Boyapati’s movie team to do the shooting in some North Locations so that the heat will be less. Even the filmmakers are also listening to her.

But some are doubting that starting with these small suggestions soon she might turn into everything. Fans don’t even have to be surprised if Upasana is listening to the scripts and decide the projects as well. Is she going to take all the important decisions in Charan’s career? Let’s see..