Here Are Upasana’s Coffee Tips


Wives of movie heroes won’t appear in public much. They just attend the events every now and then. But Mega Powerstar Ram Charan’s wife Upasana is not like them. This mega daughter-in-law is active on social media. Her followers count on social media is nothing less than the following of a star heroine.

Upasana Konidela who looks after her business and also posts some health tips to the fans to the netizens. She stated how her father-in-law is very particular about his coffee and how her mother-in-law makes it for him. She posted a video on how to make coffee on her social media page. “NO coffee post 4 pm as it impacts ur sleep patterns. 2 cups a day, not more. Add as less sugar as possible. A shot of black coffee pre workout boosts ur energy. Health craze- #coffee + #kombucha Sprinkle left over coffee grains in your garden & you have a natural insecticide” posted Upasana.

Upasana who is the Vice Chairman of Apollo Foundations visits the sets of her husband Ram Charan’s upcoming movie Rangasthalam whenever she gets free time. We knew that the mega heroes recently went to Ladakh tour. Upasana herself organised it.