Uttej’s Emotional Comments On Sri Reddy Issue


Actor Uttej is known as one of the most sensible and sensitive persons in the Industry. He helped many in their early days and also showcased his talent as a writer.

The actor came to the press meet of Movie Artists Association against Sri Reddy and her membership issue. Sivaji Raja as president of MAA, announced that the actress will not get membership ever and no member of MAA out of 900 members will act with her and if they do, they will be suspended.

Uttej supported the decision and said, “Sri Reddy just spoiled a golden chance trying to rake in more publicity for her issue.

“I, Srikanth and Sivaji Raja were present during the time we gave her an application and took her to Teja, for a chance. He immediately gave her characters in two films.

“Everyone in this Industry come to become huge but luck should also favor them. She did not take it all in the right way and such protests have damaged the image of Telugu Cinema Industry.

“I have two daughters and one daughter,. Chetana is already an actress. I may be a better actor than Venu Madhav, but he had the luck factor in favour of him. Similarly, I keep thinking about my daughter Chetana and take it as bad luck but soon she has another film.

“Now, I want to bring into the Industry, my second daughter. What should I say now? What kind of impression she will have on me? This is not at all correct on her part and hence, I support MAA decision,” emotionally concluded the actor.