Vaani kapoor comments on Bikini and Lip locks


Yes-to-Bikini-and-Lip-lock-Sensational comments beauty Vaani kapoor is back again with big news for producers and directors who are waiting for a perfect glamour minded heroine.

Vaani kapoor is a bollywood actress who is also making her debut in Kollywood and Tollywood with her “Aaha kalyanam” movie starring Nani releasing on Feb 21st.  Talking about this Vaani says that I watched the real version of the movie when it released but I never imagined that I will be I that place.

But after accepting movie I never watched movie as Anushka sharma’s performance may impact my acting and I may imitate her in many scenes if I watch that movie while this shoot.  Vaani kapoor also says that I am ready for a bikini and lip lock scenes and I will always stand on those words.

I can’t swim in saree, so for wet hot scenes I need to wear a bikini and Lip lock is not a big deal in this show business says this north beauty. Vaani kapoor is also offered two more films in Bollywood she will join them very soon.