Vakkantham Vamsi Clarifies On The Rumours


We have a few star heroes in our Industry and each of those has a separate fanbase. Talking about the other hero might irk his fans as well. In the past, we have seen so many filmmakers who talked about a hero and getting trolled by the fans. The same situation happened to Vakkantham Vamsi as well.

Writer Vakkantham Vamsi marked his directorial debut with Allu Arjun’s latest release Naa Peru Surya. Talking at some promotional events of the film, the Vamsi stated that Bunny is the ‘magaadu’ who made his direction dream come true. He also stated that he narrated a script to NTR. The entire scenario appeared like Naa Peru Surya was supposed to be done by Taarak which made the Nandamuri fans troll Vakkantham Vamsi.

However, the director recently came out and clarified that the script he wrote for NTR is still with him and he is waiting for the young tiger. He added why he called Allu Arjun ‘magaadu’ is because no star hero comes forward to work under the direction of a debutant. Also, he wasn’t that close to Bunny as he has been with Taarak and it was Nallamalapu Bujji who took him to Allu Arjun.