Vakkantham Vamsi: No to Suri.. Yes to Ravi


Vakkantham-VamsiIf there is a good bonding between the writer & director,  the result of the film will be always better. Vijay Bhaskar – Trivikram Srinivas, Srinu Vaitla – Kona Venkat.. there are several examples to this. Even Surender Reddy – Vakkantham Vamsi combo falls into this category. They have worked together for several super hit films in the past. Both of them used to share great rapport between them.  But the result of Kick-2 seems to have created a gap between them. Even there are reports that they are not going to work together in future. Similarly Vakkantham did not work for Surender Reddy’s Dhurva.

Some people took it in a positive way that,  Vakkantham is turnring director so he did not work with Suri.  Surprisingly Vakkantham is busy with his direction trials and he is also continuing his writing also.  Vakkantham provided story for Ravi Teja’s latest film ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ in the direction of Vikram Sirikonda. It is a debut film for Vikram Sirikonda. Vakkantham said to have provided a mass entertainer script to Ravi Teja.

Apart from Temper, Vakkantham provided story for another director other than Surender Reddy for this film only. This might be the last film as a writer for other director films for akkantham.  It is known that Vakkantham is getting ready for a his directorial debut film with Allu Arjun.  On the other hand, Surender Reddy is getting the script ready for Megastar Chiranjeevi film with the help of new writers.