Vamsi better than Sukumar?


vamsi-and-sukumarThere has always been a argument in industry circles as well as among movie buffs, whether a director should make a good film without compromising or make a film to suit the tastes of viewers, in that case, director Vamsi Paidipally scores over his colleague Sukumar this Sankranthi.

When top directors like Rajamouli and Harris Shankar are praising Suku for his ‘path-breaking’ effort, but viewers have patronized Vamsi’s entertainer. While, Suku stuck to the mood of the film and kept away humor and cliched songs and put all his mind in laying out scene in decoding hero (Mahesh) problem who is going through a mental trauma- caught between reality and hallucination whereas Vamsi diluted the avenging mood of Satya (Charan) and added comedy through Brahmanandam and fighters and also glam of Amy Jackson, to make it viewer-friendly.

Agreed that viewers are the ultimate judges in taking a call on any film, but what about the efforts of directors, who want to raise the bar on Telugu cinema. Do they have to suffer, since box office figures, show them a bleak picture or Vamsi learnt it after flops like ‘Munna’ and felt that it better to cater to viewers tastes and had two hits ‘Brindavanam’ and ‘Yeaadu’.

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