Varma Copied A Script For Nag?


From the past 4 days, Ram Gopal Varma is not in a stage to care about other things. This controversial director who stood in the news with his short film GST later gave an update on his upcoming movie with king Nagarjuna. Amidst all the negativity he has been spreading some positivity as well. He revealed that the title of his movie with Nag is Officer and the movie will be released on May 25th. Now, his former assistant is making some accusations on the story of this movie.

A man named Jayakumar is claiming that Varma has copied his story and made some modifications and is doing the movie with Nagarjuna. Jayakumar who is also doing a movie called ‘The Director’ is also planning to release his movie with Varma’s Officer. This is not the first time he has been blaming Varma. Even in the past, he claimed that GST is his own script and even filed a case against him.

Now he came back and is once again stating that Ram Gopal Varma’s next script actually belongs to him. The truth in his accusations are yet to be known but one thing that caught the fans mind is the back to back blames on Vama. However, RGV who is still morning for the death of his favourite actress Sridevi is ignoring all these issues.