Varma’s power punches on “Bruce Lee”


RGV-and-Bruce-lee-ram“Ram Charan in “Bruce lee” would have looked Bruceleeish by not adding Bruce Lee and if they subtracted and divided instead of multiplying”, avers Ram Gopal Varma, giving his killer punches to Ram Charan’s latest release.

“If not called Bruce Lee, Ram Charan is fantastic in “Bruce Lee” but since he is called Bruce Lee he is .. As a Bruce Lee fan I really wonder why they named Ram Charan as Bruce Lee in a Bruce Lee less film”, says Ramu further, hitting on the spot.

About Chiranjeevi’s cameo: “I wonder why Boss Is back for his 150th with Bruce Lee….I hope that in 151st he will be better than Bruce Lee. As a Mega fan of Mega Star and a Power fan of Bruce Lee I hope 151st will give a MegaKickingPowerPunch” he said