Varma’s Salute To Sri Reddy


Sri Reddy has become an internet sensation now. Some are commenting that what the industry people did is wrong and some are blaming Sri Reddy. Not only the entire Tollywood but Sri Reddy has become a hot topic in the entire nation. Most of the people won’t come out and talk about the injustice happened to them and create a controversy but she really has been sticking to her word and is not backing out despite so many threatening calls which are making the others also join her.

Director Ram Gopal Varma who has been observing about the situation saluted to Sri Reddy. He said that the culture of casting couch has been in the film industry for the past 100 years but he salutes to Sri Reddy who has brought this issue to this level. He added that if at all the people involved in casting calls are getting scared then the reason is Sri Reddy.

“Those who thought @MsSriReddy was wrong in stripping can�€™t deny, it’s only that shock which woke up both national and international communities ..Sri Reddy�€™s mother should be proud of what her daughter achieved for the film industry in general and aspiring actresses in particular” tweeted RGV.