Varun Tej bags a new title from Mega star


Mega-prince-Varun-TejMega heroes have been synonymous with the titles, the stronger the title is, the stronger their existence. The title Mega star urged to create few more powerful titles like Power Star, Mega Power Star, Stylish Star and all of them for the heroes of Mega compound.

Now as another dynamic newbie Varun Tej from the Mega compound is all set to make his debut with ‘Mukunda’, one more crucial title is needed for him to be attached with to spread his existence even during the promotional operations of the movie. But however, things have become easy as none other than the Mega Star Chiranjeevi suggested the title for their cinema successor Varun Tej.

While addressing the audience and fans during the audio ceremony of ‘Mukunda’, Mega Star spells a title ‘Mega Prince’. “I heard someone calling Varun Tej as Mega Prince and it perfectly suits him” he said. So, finally we can’t say whether this title is immediately brought forth with this movie, but at least we can say it has the credibility to be the prospective mega title for Varun.