Varun Teja’s Kanche First Look poster


Mega hero Varun Teja’s latest flick ‘Kanche’ is making waves with its first look. Already the soldier look of our hero from the initial teaser picture that was released sometime back made a huge impact. Here comes the first look poster, which announces that a teaser is coming on August 15th.

Seems like “Kanche” is the story of an Indian soldier, his love story and his escapades for the country. This poster is giving out many details about the project and setting the mood right. Especially the visualisation of a couple, needless to say Varun and Pragya, having a stroll and in the bottom part soldiers engaged in a war are quite hard hitting.

Also the way a handwritten Telugu letter with British Raj stamp at the top corner is giving quite nostalgic feel about per-independent era. Known for his philosophical flicks, director Krish is surely packing a punch with this poster itself. Let’s see what patriotic side he will showing to us on August 15th. Countdown begins.kanche-first-look-poster