Varun Tej’s Debut Movie Director


varun-tej-latestAs a father naga babu is far more excited than his son Varun Tej regarding the debut into Telugu films. Like Pawan Kalyan, Ram charan and Allu Ajrun, this Mega Brother wants to see his son grow as a Big Star in Tollywood living up to the expectations of Mega Fans.

In fact, Varun Tej has been the centre of film discussions from a long time and he has undergone thorough training in acting, dancing and action classes.

To keep up the level of Varun’s debut with that of other young heroes from celebrity families, naga babu is set on a continuous hunt for right director and right script. Finally, he seems to be satisfied with one man and who is this director will be known only in the month of December. ‘I will make an official announcement only in December,’ naga babu kept the dream debut of his son as a big secret.