Vasishti Devi: Appreciation full… offers nil!


Vasishti-DeviThere are always some exceptions to the general rules. Similarly there are exceptions to the popular beliefs.  On such belief in the film industry is.. ‘when someone is in success, offers will be flooded’. But that’s not the case with heroine Shriya.  She is in success now. She is the leading lady of Balakrishna’s ‘Gautami Putra Satakarni’. She played Vasishti Devi role in the film and received huge applause from the audience for her performance. So everybody thought that she will be flooded with offers.

On the contrary, she is said to have disappointed because she is not getting any offers. Some opine that Shriya is a senior herione so.. no young hero would like to romance her.   She has only relief in the form of Balayya’s next film.  It is known that Balayya promised her heroine role in his next film.

It is known that senior heroes in Tollywood are finding it tough to choose a suitable heroine for their films. Some say that Shriya would be right choice !