Venkaiah Naidu speech in Rajya sabha over Telangana – key points


venkaiah-naiduNew Delhi: Amid protests and unfazed by the uproar in the Parliament, senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu continued to address members in the parliament. Here are key points from his address..

  •     Revenue from Hyderabad has contributed to the progress of both regions
  •     Ever since the Telangana issue came to the fore, congress has been using it as a tool for political gains
  •     congress has no right to criticize BJP
  •     our party is committed to the Telangana cause
  •     No objection to taking legal opinion from Attorney general
  •     Given the present state, it’s better for both regions to be divided
  •     Congress is an opportunist party
  •     separate state for Telangana, justice for Seemandhra is BJP’s stand
  •     Narendra Modi said Jai Telangana in Hyderabad itself
  •     everyone has right to live in Hyderabad
  •     Congress party’s decision was opposed by the party’s CM himself
  •     Once upon a time, unity was strength and happiness, but now division will bring in happiness