Venkatesh files police case on Pawan Kalyan!


Venkatesh-files-police-caseMany times Victory Venkatesh describes himself as a spiritual person and one can easily see that kind of detachment in his eyes when he is in work. His co-actors certify that he is a bit reserved and mostly lost in deeper thoughts as if searching for an answer to many of the unintelligible ways of God. Venky opines that his co-star Pawan Kalyan too is also like his kind and is very much spiritually inclined. Then what happened between them that Venky went to the extent of filing a police case on Pawan Kalyan.

In a recent earthquake, Venkatesh lost his property assets which are his sole source of income to look after his family. As people say, everything that happens on earth is conspired by God, Venky feels that it is the action of God which has incurred financial loses on him. Hence he decides to file a case on The Lord. Since Pawan Kalyan is playing Lord Krishna, Venky naturally files the case on Pawan. This is the central theme of Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh’s upcoming multi-starrer movie ‘Gopala Gopala’.

Venkatesh plays an atheist in the film who is irritated by fake babas and the God men who in the name of God, play with the innocent people’s emotions and sentiments. These God men who are in abundance in a country like India, exploit devotees in the name of fear for God. Venky fights against the system and Pawan as Lord Krishna joins him in his fight in the form of a common man.

The original Hindi movie ‘Oh My God!’, won accolades of praises for the content and performances of the lead actors Paresh Rawal as the common man and Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna. If the remake is handled carefully, ‘Gopala Gopala’ will be a path breaking film in Telugu film Industry even. Both industry and audiences are waiting for such a thing to happen so that these kind of movies will become an inspiration for future film makers to try different genres and themes which pass strong message effectively.