Venky Looks More Tired And Old!


Victory Venkatesh has set some fitness goals to many youngsters and young heroes by his looks in his previous film, Guru.

In his previous films, he managed to hide his age, well enough but now, suddenly, due to gap, his age is evident.

He looked older and his face reflected tiredness and there was no skin glow, that he normally does have.

He came to launch ‘Aatakadara Shiva’ songs and looked older than ever. He might be a 57 year old man, but he loves to keep himself fit and young.

But for a change, he looked more like his elder brother, Suresh Babu and his fans are unable to digest the look.

Well, in his next film, F2, makeup might help him cover all the signs of ageing on his face but can he bring out the energy that we normally associate with him?

Break does change few people that too after continuously working for years.