Venky Paused Himself?


VenkateshOf late, one got to hear of many directors being associated with Venkatesh. Well, they had meetings, the directors narrated their stories and when things didn’t work out, they walked out and made films with heroes who were more obliging.

So now the talk in tinsel town is that Venkatesh is giving lot many suggestions. While the directors are being open to a certain extent, they are slowly walking away after a point.

Well, while it is alright for a hero and a senior one at that to suggest changes, making too many changes to the story conceived by the director is creating trouble.

Now, Venkatesh barely has any films on hand. Though he did act in remakes like Drishyam and Gopala Gopala after watching the original films, he is said to be quite picky and choosy when directors approach him with similar scripts.

Well, looks like Venkatesh will lose out on  some good films if he continues to meddle with the director’s story.