Venky’s Movie Is Mother Of Baahubali


venkey-and-baahubaliAlmost all the stories that are made into films have some or the other connect with Mahabharata and Ramayana. That’s why even Hollywood screen writing guru like Syd Field says that Mahabharata is the mother of all screenplays. Some social media folks however say that a past film of hero Venkatesh is the mother of Baahubali.

Crazy cinema admirers who always come up with some naughty explanation or criticism about a film are now stunning those who admired ‘Baahubali’ trailers. When the whole of India is feeling excited to catch this magnum opus on silver screen, it is being shared that writer Vijayendra Prasad (Rajamouli’s father) got inspired from Venkatesh’s ‘Jayam Manadera’ to pen Baahubali’s story. They have made a collage of pictures that actually compare each character of Baahubali to the characters in Jayam Manadera and they sound so relevant that we have to believe them. Especially Devasena’s two roles to that of Bhanu Priya in Venky’s film are bang on.

Anyway, a distanced son finding out that he’s a clone of his ‘great’ father and then engaging with enemies in a final battle, rescuing the truth, and later finding his aged mom still alive, is a story which we have seen umpteen times. What matters is Rajamouli’s screenplay, drama and narrative instilled with visual kick.