Video: Charged Mahesh Vrooms On Race Track


Even if films are going down the aisle, its advertisements that would show the true potential of Superstar Mahesh. That happened many times and right now this charged hero’s truly gentleman stroke could be seen in his newest advertisement.

Here comes the much awaited latest TV Commercial of Thums Up Charged, where Mahesh is seen as a racer in the best of his elements. Shot at a racecourse in Las Vegas, USA, the Superstar looked quite dapper in his attire and perfectly suited the cabin of the ferocious beast. And the way he quickly turned himself to look like a professional racer is amazing.

While there are not much of stunts like stuff for Mahesh, this time the ad relied on his expressions and he nailed it for sure. On a whole, the concept of the ad resembles like many of those racing-centred films, but it is appealing.

On the other hand, with Mahesh vrooming on the track in style, fans are excited about the act as this came after a debacle like Spyder. Soon, Mahesh will be seen in Koratala Siva’s Bharat Anu Nenu.