That Video Will Spoil Her Career Forever


That-Video-Will-Spoil-Her-CSome ugliest revelations are being made in Kollywood right now are spinning a different fate for some celebrities, notwithstanding whether those accusations/revelations are true or not.

As part of the latest ‘hacking’ coated scandal in Tamil industry, a nude video of a girl was uploaded from a singer’s account, and immediately everyone started claiming that it belonged to a particular heroine. In no time, that so-called heroine has turned up with a self-recorded video, claiming that the video was just a fake. But then the ordeal has started for her.

Apparently, in that reactionary video, this actress was seen with moist eyes, which are giving an indication that she has cried inconsolably for hours. And the detectives on twitter have started circulating images that a mole on the right side of her right eye and a platinum ring she’s wearing on her left hand got matched with the girl in the video.

Whether just a coincidence or something else, Twitterati started linking the matched mole and ring, and her wet eyes response video, and started confirming that it is indeed her in the leaked video.

Reports are coming up that the actress is in a state of shock and not even taking proper food from the last couple of days. While that video maybe fake or not, spoiling one’s reputation by circulating such intimate stuff kills anyone psychologically and takes them years to recover. Also, the way industry treats them from now onwards, with many expressing a pain inducing sympathy and some trying to exploit her more, surely her career is at risk. Isn’t it?

High time for Chennai cyber crime sleuths to dive into the scene and take action against those culprits who are mentally torturing some celebrities this way.