Vijay continues his satires on VH!


Vijay-continues-his-satiresArjun Reddy has come under lot of scanner these days with Congress Senior Leader, V Hanumantha Rao, taking an objection with the liplock posters. Sharing the pic, Vijay posted, “Thathayya, Chill”. Many thought his satire has worked fantastically on social media and it would have been end of it normally.

But the actor shocked everyone with his attitude at the pre-release event. He made students slogans of curse words saying Censor cannot mute you people if it may mute me. Social media has been trolling the actor shocked by his over confidence on the film.

Before his speech, Nandini Reddy director asked him why he post in such a way about someone line VH and he said, ” I wanted to just tell him why should he tear posters at this age rather he should be talking rest. So, I said that in that way!” After that Nandini asked him why not show the film to the senior leader, he replied, “He is unable to digest posters, watching my film is a gone case!” Well, the actor has shown this side of his before and many are thinking may be he has the same attitude from the start and it is coming out now!