Vijay Devarakonda Leads By Example


Fans take pride in trolling or abusing those who oppose their Favourite Stars in any form. Expressing views is acceptable but usage of abusive language is unwarranted irrespective of the situation. Most often than not Fans cross the line to hold an upper hand over the opposite Group.

Vijay Devarakonda sent a clear message to his Rowdy Fans, who place his picture as DP & resort to using abuse language on Social Media, through an Open Letter. He advised Rowdies to be a part of the change by spreading only LOVE irrespective of what they receive from others. ‘Don’t resort to online abuse. Live & Let Live is our motto,’ he conveys.

If every other Hero guides their fans in a similar manner, There can only be positivity on Social Media instead of unwanted negative stuff. Let’s only hope the initiative taken by Vijay Devarakonda brings a lot of change in the way fans exchange their views..!

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