Vijay Devarakonda Not Sure About His Commitments


Vijay--Devarakonda-puts-His-Tagline-Raja-Dhi-RajaVijay Devarakonda is known for being open and also got a name that he knows what to say to whom and how. Many wait for his comments and speeches as he makes sure that it, whatever he speaks becomes a sensation.

He talked about how busy he is going to be with his next films and what he is expecting from them. He said, “I have commitments that will keep me busy till the end of 2020.

I am a guy who is unpredictable when it comes to my taste in scripts. Even in general life and in many materialistic things I am like that. I may not like the same thing I like today after 6 months or an year.

A story that excited me today might not excite me the same way after an year. I can’t just pretend that I still like it and go ahead with it, that I no longer am excited about.

This will hurt any director’s career too. So, I say the same to all who come to make a movie with me and some of them are still ok with it. They are doing movies with me.

Right now, I am excited to see how people will react to NOTA and equally consumed by the story of Dear Comrade. I won’t talk about others as there is still a lot of time for them,” concluded Vijay.

The actor seems to have owned Arjun Reddy attitude completely into his personality and it is delightfuly different to see a person so straight forward. NOTA is releasing on 5th October.

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