Vijayendra Prasad’s surprise answer on Baahubali murder


Vijayendra-PrasadEven three weeks after release, Bahubali fever refuses to die. The whole country is debating now about Bahubali-2. Meanwhile one question that has gone viral on the social media circuits is “Why did Kattappa Kill Bahubali?”

This question has raised a huge storm in social media and many jokes, trolls along with serious debates were happening surrounding it. Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad revealed some stunning details about the matter.

When asked the question, Prasad responds, asking, “Why do you think he killed him?” “He only stabbed him and that is what everyone saw,”

When asked more clarification Prasad added.  “Im not saying he is alive, Im just asking why you think he’s dead,” he said

The writer’s stunning revelation has further augmented the fans excitement. Wait till 2016 to know the reason.