Viral: Jeevitha’s Reaction On Degree College Trailer!


Jeevitha was invited for the trailer launch of ‘Degree College’ starring Varun and Divya Rao as the Chief Guest. The Senior Actress was shell shocked with the lip locks and intimate scenes in the trailer.

Upon watching the Trailer, Jeevitha said: ‘I think you have invited the wrong person, Myself, for the trailer launch. I am the Central Censor Board Member. May be, This trailer is yet to be’s okay. Post the release of Arjun Reddy and RX100, There was a feeling Telugu Films can’t be made without lip-locks and love making scenes. It’s not right to raise objection on such aspects at the trailer launch. One thing I can say is that beauty lies is covering. For example, If we built a house. We would bath in the bathroom, sleep in the bedroom and sit in the hall. We won’t take bath in the hall. There will be romance and sex in every person’s life, but it should be done at the right place. Such things will be awkward if we do it publicly on the road, but lip locks and intimate scenes have become mandatory in every film. Assuming that only such films will be successful is a wrong notion. Even if the heroine was made to strip, It won’t guarantee success. We can’t argue with Directors who say they have the right to do whatever they want. Some People ask what’s wrong about it when such things were shown on TV and Interview. We watch TV or Internet in a room. Whereas, A Film will be watched along with hundreds of people’.

Jeevitha expressed the feeling that such adult-content films have been cleared by the Censor Board as the members should abide by the norms. She added, ‘If Censor Members raise an objection, Filmmakers hold press meets to blame them and even move the courts. Every Director, Producer and Actor should have a social responsibility. Such films leave a bad influence on the Youth. I am so sorry to say such things at this event’.

Director Narasimha Nandi defended himself saying ‘Degree College’ is based on real life incidents and romance will be not more than 10 percent. He added, ‘Those romantic shots were filmed by Me one-and-a-half year ago. Several Movies released with intimate scenes even before our movie released, but the soul of our movie is intact. Viewers will be in tears after watching the climax’.

Finally, Jeevitha concluded that Ladies who are known to be emotional won’t be coming to watch ‘Degree College’ upon watching the trailer. ‘I don’t know if college students would cry watching a movie. But, Women like Me would be doing that while watching a heart-touching scene. Surely, I won’t go to watch such a movie upon watching this kind of trailer,’ she opined.

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