Viral: Kaushal Army 2K Run!


Host Nani keeps saying anything can happen during Bigg Boss Season 2. For the first time, A Petition was moved against the Celebrity Reality Show in the court. One of the contestants even have an Army named after him.

Kaushal Army has been in focus since the start of Bigg Boss 2. The support has been overwhelming for Kaushal on the Social Media and hence he managed to overcome the threat of elimination so many times.

Believe it or not, Kaushal Army conducted a 2K Run on Sunday to express the support to the TV Artiste. The response for the rally has been beyond anyone’s imagination. Hundreds of people wearing T-Shirts with Kaushal Picture took part in the 2K Run. What happened Today is a shock to the Bigg Boss Management which has been sending an indication that it can eliminate any Housemate. Kaushal is fighting alone in the House because of his attitude. The Army has come in support of this contestant to pose a huge challenge to rest of the housemates in race for Bigg Boss 2 title.