Viral Video: ‘Thala’ Dhoni As Kaala


Whenever a big Superstar film’s teaser or trailer comes out, we are bound to get good number of videos that spoof it.

Kaala, Rajnikanth’s new film teaser released recently and it is going viral on YouTube.

So, people started using it to spoof and edit with their favourite actors in it. Among the cricketers, Dhoni enjoys a super craze as ‘Thala’ in Tamil Nadu.

His connection with Chennai Super Kings team for more than 8 years, made him their own and the cricketer also acknowledged that.

The team is returning back to IPL in his 11th edition, after two years of being under suspension and Dhoni is back as Chennai team captain.

So, his fans from Chennai started making video edits like these. Among all of them, this Kaala Teaser spoof with Dhoni as Kaala Karikalan, is trending on YouTube. Why you ask? Well, watch it yourself and decide …