Is Virat Kohli staying with Anushka Sharma?


Virat-Kohli-staying-with-AnIndian cricket team’s vice captain Virat Kohli has got a new address and reportedly he is now sharing his place with actress and rumoured girlfriend Anushka Sharma.

Ever since Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli appeared in the shampoo commercial together, the buzz of their affair is taking rounds in the media. Adding much fuel to the rumour, it is reported that Virat Kohli has shifted to Anushka Sharma’s flat at Badrinath tower, Mumbai.

According to sources, Virat went straightway to Anushka’s home after returning from South Africa.

One of the watchmen preferring anonymity said, “Now-a-days Virat Kohli is staying with Anushka madam.  For the last four-five days, he his coming here regularly. Even he stays sometimes if he gets late.”

A believable source also reported that Virat has been living in Anushka’s residence ever since he came back from South Africa. He returns home by 8.30, which is quite evident of the fact that the relationship between this charming couple has reached another level.

The couple came close during a shampoo brand shoot and they hit it off instantly. It is also reported that when the men in blue returned from South Africa and landed in Mumbai airport, Virat was picked up by Anushka’s driver in her car. While other team members went to their home, Virat was waiting at the airport for 20 minutes for Anushka’s car.

While reports of the couple’s steamy romance is doing the rounds, Anushka has so far denied having any romantic relationship with Virat and said they are only good friends.

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