Only A Virgin Can Remake Premam Bettter


Premam-RemakeRevealing that he was a 31-year-old virgin by the time he directed blockbuster Malayalam film ‘Premam’, Alphonse Puthren said that only those who stay virgins till 31 or more can remake ‘Premam’ better than him.

The tongue in cheek humor of Puthren may not have anything to do with the Telugu remake of Premam as he specifically targeted the Bollywood production houses who boasted of improvising the original while remaking it in Hindi.

The Premam director taunted the leading Bollywood production houses who approached him for the Hindi remake rights of his film and assured him that they have great directors who can remake the film better than him.

‘From the Hindi film industry, 5 top company’s approached me to get the remake rights of Premam. In these companies ‘2’ of them wanted my film and they said they have brilliant directors who can make the film better than me,” wrote Puthren on his Facebook page.

Alphonse stated that he was a virgin till marriage and only an imperfect kid like him can make ‘Premam’ better than him.

“The specialty and uniqueness of the film ‘Premam’ is that I was a Virgin till my marriage. If anyone who is a virgin for more than 31 years or more …I believe they can do Premam much more better than me. In short….I believe…only a small kid like me can do Premam …not masters or great drivers.

You can make Premam perfectly and make it look richer than the original. The beauty of Premam is that…the film is not perfect ….like me. So who ever buys or translates my feature film on screen please keep in mind to avoid perfect shots,’ wrote Putheran in a satiric manner.