Virus named Baahubali crashing systems


Baahubali-Started-DisappoinIn the last few months or so we have so over heard about Baahubali that if you did not watch the movie its become like a shame. The name Bahubali searched on Internet has got superb response. This is all so good for the makers.Who would not be happy with such response after all. But hackers have used this Baahubali for their own good. How? Read on..

The mischief mongers have used Baahubali as a lure to inject malware to your systems. So if you got a mail that has a link saying ‘ Click here to download Baahubali movie,’ we say please do not click.

The virus or Baahubali malware will crash your system within seconds. Some people fell prey to it and that is when the secret behind this link was unraveled! If you want to watch the movie, head to theaters but don’t fall prey to these cheap links!