Vishal & T Rajender Last Min Help For Puli


Puli-Movie-Hyderabad-TheateKDM aka Key Delivery Message, or simply the security-code to run the digital print of any film from the server, is being issued for Vijay’s “Puli” whose regular morning shows at 10 am and 11 am got cancelled in Tamilnadu, AP, Karnataka and Overseas for all versions.

As the accounts of Puli’s producer PT Selvakumar are frozen by Income Tax department, there was no way the other day he could clear the last minute dues and release the film. For that reason, Digital licensing companies like Qube, UFO and PXD haven’t issued KDMs to theatres where the print is already installed in the server. Thanks to the timely intervention of Simbu’s father T Rajender and hero Vishal who has mobilised funds through couple of private financiers and settled all the dues on behalf of Puli’s producer Selvakumar and hero Vijay. That led to the digital format providers issuing of KDMs and thus the film might get screened from noon shows. First overseas KDMs will be released, then Tamilnadu and then Rest Of India ‘keys’ will be issued.

We hear that Chennai based SSR Pankajam theatre got a go from financiers and the film’s screening started already. In Hyderabad, all the 10 am, 11 am shows at multiplexes and single screens got cancelled, and likely to kick start Puli screen from afternoon.